Stakis 2018.1 Car Database And Spare Parts Catalog



2018.1 Car Database And Spare Parts Catalog 2018.1 on Virtualbox image (11gb)

Please note, an older activation method was used, so there maybe some glitches! Hence the price, but it will go up in a month or two when all feedback will be collected.
This Virtualbox image is still being tested and so far no problems were reported.
New car models are up to 2015-2016, database increased to 18gb. Looks like only some small changes were made, usually it is only additional technical data.

This is Europe’s most extensive compilation of automotive database (18gb).

Stahlgruber is based on TecDoc and other Catalog’s data and is the most popular catalog in Europe.

2018.1 repair manual better for European cars now it is latest version!!!! It combines essential maintenance and repair data with detailed technical drawings, a unique electronics data module and intelligent diagnostics. It allows parts distributors to provide the perfect solution, enabling mechanics to diagnose, maintain and repair passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

It has the technical database which is the code data of vehicles of
Europe completely. The professional version includes basic information about the maintenance
and repair, adjustment data, technical drawings, fuses and relays, diagnostic trouble codes
and data management engine etc. Likewise includes diagrams for electric air conditioning systems.

It includes more repair manuals than any other technical data product.
All manuals combine text with images and drawings (actually more than 40,000 and growing).
It includes engine management data of an unrivaled quality and quantity.
Stahlgruber is a car spare parts catalog designed for the European market.
More detailed information you can find on Google and YouTube.

-Diagnostics with diagrams
-Vehicle electronics smart assistant
-Steering and
-Vesa Systems
-Comfort electronics
-Fused and Relays
-Repair times
-Wheel alignment settings
-Tyre pressure
-monitoring system
-Repair manuals
-Lubricants and Fluids
-Technical Drawings
-General information
-Air-Conditioning Wiring Diagrams

Operating system: Windows (all), MAC OS, Linux. Minimum 1.5gb of ram and 35gb of free hdd space.
Latest Virtualbox with its extension pack must be installed.

The latest Virtualbox 5.2.2 package for 32bit windows is included
Can be run from any 32gb flash drive or an external hard drive.

Fully translated to English, German, Dutch, French, Chech
Partially translated (50-80%}) languages: Espanol, Suomi, Magyar, Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Portugues, Romana, Russian, Slovenscina, Svenska, Turkce.

Multi language is not translated in whole program, if you can’t accept that, please don’t buy.

Version 1/2018
The main innovations of this part catalog version:

The following data feeders have been added to this version:
BBR Automotive

Further feeders:

SW steel
The data of these suppliers are Not available in all Catalogs.

An older version video guide. The image loading is still exactly the same!

You need to extract compressed file(s) with the latest WINRAR ONLY and only then load it! Winrar part 1-2 are 4gb, part 3 3gb in size.

Download and install Virtualbox and it’s extension pack or image will not work!

Here is an image sent to us by an angry customer who could not run it.
He claimed this software is not working and provided the screenshot. If you take a closer look at the screenshot, you will see the Extension pack is missing.

When you install compatible Virtualbox software, you have to install the same version extension pack also.
Extension pack is needed to emulate your hardware in the image, like drivers and installed devices.

Here is one the errors if no extension pack is installed.

Image loading video guide


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