Stakis Technik 2017.3 Virtualbox



Stakis Technik 2017.3 is the latest car database a.k.a. Workshop Data software available (8.6gb).

Its installation is a bit more complicated, so it is fully installed on the Virtualbox image for easier and unlimited usage.

30gb in size uncompressed and 10.5gb winrar compressed. Can be run from 32sd or usb flash drive on any Windows or MAC operating system, Pc and tablet or even a phone with the windows os.

-Diagnostics with diagrams
-Haynes Vesa vehicle electronics smart assistant
-Steering and
-Vesa Systems
-Comfort electronics
-Fused and Relays
-Repair times
-Wheel alignment settings
-Tyre pressure
-monitoring system
-Repair manuals
-Lubricants and Fluids
-Technical Drawings
-General information
-Air-Conditioning Wiring Diagrams

Operating system: Windows and MAC with Virtualbox installed.
1.5ghz processor, 2gb ram, 60gb hdd or 32gb sd card or 32 usb flash drive.

Fully translated to English, German, Dutch, French, Chech

Partially translated languages: Espanol, Suomi, Magyar, Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Portugues, Romana, Russian, Slovenscina, Svenska, Turkce.

Multi language is not translated in whole program, if you can’t accept that, please don’t buy.

To fully test a new product can take up to 2 month or more. When it’s confirmed to be working 100% price will triple or quadruple.


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