ECM Titanium 1.61 + WinOLS 4.51 Vmware



ECM Titanium 1.61 + WinOLS 4.51 English Vmware

ECM Titanium Original from AlienTech is a program for interpreting and editing engine control unit firmware files. ECM Titanium allows you to work with firmware easily, conveniently, independently and with high reliability. By purchasing the original product, you will get all the widest possibilities and convenience when editing firmware for electronic control units from the industry leader. Regularly released updates and functionality expansion. This is the choice of professionals!
A feature of ECM Titanium is ‘drivers’, software modules that convert firmware parameters into a structure that is easy to understand. The parameters are divided into categories (air management, injection system, turbocharging …), in which there are real parameters for calibration – increasing engine power and reducing fuel consumption.
winols. The WinOLS program is designed for chip tuning software. The program allows you to independently calibrate the electronic control units of various cars. For example, in its arsenal is an increase in torque, engine power of a car, and a reduction in fuel consumption. All these calibrations can now be performed not only by professionals, but also by ordinary motorists.

Buy only if you know how to work with Vmware image and the software itself.



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