VAS5054 Passthru



VAS5054 Passthru Vmware English

Installed software:
Mercedes Xentry passthru v26.9.3.2
Toyota Techstream v16.00.017
Honda Diagnostic System v3.016.033
Nissan Consult III Plus v73.20
Forscan v2.3.38 beta

Configured to run with vas5054 Clone
Can run in vmware 12 and above
Compressed with winrar
When adding image in vmware workstation always choose Moved it

Image configured as non persistent means that any changes done will be lost after shutdown, if you need to install something, first change this line in W7x64D17.vmx
scsi0:0.mode = “independent-nonpersistent”
scsi0:0.mode = “independent-persistent”


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